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If you are looking for high quality (which does not mean high price!), professional:

  • translation services from Hungarian into Polish and vice versa,
  • translations of computer-related texts from English into Polish and Hungarian,
  • officially accepted, computer-related expert’s inquiries,

you have come to the right address.

My title of Sworn (“Court”) Translator in Hungarian Language,  (held since 1987), gives me right to notarize all documents translated by me. This is also a guarantee of my top qualifications.

My primary job for 27 years (1975-2001) was a computer programmer and network supervisor at Bydgoszcz University of Technology and Agriculture. Since 1996 I am the Accredited Court Expert in Computer Sciences.

As a result of many years of experience in various works for courts, police and other government, community, business and private clients, I can satisfy your most stringent criteria of performance in translation/revision/editing of texts in many areas,  including computer science, legal, and others.

I use Déjà Vu Interactive Computer Aided Translation system, which makes possible efficient work on large, multilingual projects and is compatible with almost all known file formats (RTF, MS Word, MS Excel, HTML, C++, Page Maker, Trados Workbench and much more).

My main residence is Szentendre, Hungary; secondary, but very often visited is Bydgoszcz, Poland. However, long distance or international orders (also through Internet) are very welcome.



Piotr M. Kruza